Health Issues Support Guide

Abscesses- Colloidal Silver, Somazyme, MSM
Acne- Colloidal Silver, Cats Claw, MSM, Colon Formula
ADD- Proanthenols, Brain Formula
Addiction- Anti-Stress Formula, Brain Formula, MSM
Aging- Co-Q-10, DHEA, Forever Young Formula
AIDS- Proanthenols, Cats Claw, Xtra Antioxidants
Alertness- Brain Formula, Real NRG, Anti-Stress Formula
Allergies- Digestive Formula, Proanthenols, MSM
Alzheimer’s- Brain Formula, Heart Formula, Proanthenols
Angina- Heart Formula, Co-Q-10, Somazyme, Proanthenols
Anxiety Attacks-  CalMag Plus, Proanthenols
Arthritis- Lyprinex, Joint Formula, Somazyme, Proanthenols
Asthma- Lung Formula, MSM, Lyprinex, Proanthenols
Atherosclerosis- Heart Formula, Somazyme, Proanthenols

Body Building- Triple Protein Shake, DHEA
Bronchitis- Colloidal Silver, DNA Immune
Bruising- Proanthenols, Forever Young Formula, Somazyme
Burns- Somazyme, Forever Young Formula, Colloidal Silver
Bursitis- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Cats Claw

Cancer- Somazyme, Proanthenols, DNA Immune, Cats Claw
Cardiovascular- Co-Q-10, OmeGold, Heart Formula
Carpal Tunnel- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Joint Formula
Cataracts- Eye Formula, Proanthenols, Heart Formula
Cholesterol- Somazyme, OmeGold, Heart Formula
Chronic Fatigue- Co-Q-10, Somazyme, MSM
Circulation- Circulation Formula, Heart Formula, Proanthenols
Colds/Flu- DNA Immune, Cats Claw, MSM, Vit-C
Colitis- Colon Formula, Cats Claw, Aloe Vera
Conjunctivitis- Colloidal Silver, Eye Formula
Constipation- Colon Formula, MSM
Cramps (Intestinal)- Cats Claw, Digestive Formula, CalMag Plus, Aloe Vera
Cramps (Muscle)- CalMag Plus, Proanthenols, MSM
Crohn’s- Cats Claw, Somazyme, Proanthenols, Aloe Vera
Cystitis- Cats Claw, Somazyme, DNA Immune

Depression- Brain Formula, OmeGold, Anti-Stress Formula
Dermatitis- Forever Young Formula, Proanthenols, MSM
Detoxification- Colon Formula, Paracleanse, MSM, Aloe Vera
Diabetes- Anti-Stress Formula, Proanthenols, MicroMins, Phase Olean, Slenderlean
Diverticulitis- Colon Formula, Digestive Formula, Cats Claw
Drug Toxicity- MSM, Somazyme, Anti-Stress Formula

Ear Infections- Colloidal Silver, Cats Claw, DNA Immune
Eczema- Forever Young Tabs, MSM, Proanthenols, Evening Primrose Oil
Emphysema- Lung Formula, MSM, Proanthenols, Lyprinex
Energy- Real NRG, Co-Q-10, EnerXan, Proanthenols
Epilepsy- Proanthenols, Brain Formula, Anti-Stress Formula
Eyes- Eye Formula, Proanthenols, Co-Q-10

Fever- Colloidal Silver, DNA Immune, Cats Claw
Fibromyalgia- Proanthenols, Somazyme, Lyprinex

Gall Bladder- Digestive Formula, Colon Formula, Vita-C
Gingivitis- Co-Q-10, Proanthenols, DNA Immune
Glaucoma- Eye Formula, Co-Q-10, Proanthenols
Goiter- MicroMins, Somazyme, Proanthenols
Gout- Somazyme, Heart Formula, Proanthenols

Halitosis- Colon Formula, Proanthenols, Digestive Formula
Hangover- MSM, Anti-Stress Formula, Brain Formula
Hair & Nails- Proanthenols, Forever Young Formula, MSM
Hay Fever- Proanthenols, Digestive Formula, MSM
Headache- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Lyprinex
Heart- Heart Formula, Co-Q-10, Proanthenols, Cal-Mag
HeartBurn- Digestive Formula, CalMag Plus, Cats Claw
Heart Palpitations-  CalMag Plus, Proanthenols, New Improved Feminine Balance
Hemorrhoids- Colon Formula, Cats Claw, Proanthenols
Herpes- Somazyme, DNA Immune, Forever Young Formula
High Blood Pressure- Co-Q-10, Heart Formula, CalMag Plus
Hyperactivity- Anti-Stress Formula, Proanthenols, CalMag Plus, MicroMins

Indigestion- Digestive Formula, Colon Formula, MSM
Infection- Colloidal Silver, DAN Immune, Cats Claw
Insect Bites- Colloidal Silver, DNA Immune, Somazyme
Intestinal Cleansing- Colon Formula, Paracleanse, Digestive Formula
Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Digestive Formula, Proanthenols

Jaundice- Cats Claw, Colon Formula, DNA Immune
Joint Formula- Somazyme, Joint Formula, Lyprinex, Proanthenols

Kidneys- Somazyme, DNA Immune, Aloe Vera

Liver- Co-Q-10, ParaCleanse, Cats Claw
Lou Gehrigs- Proanthenols, Somazyme, Lyprinex
Lungs- Lung Formula, DNA Immune, Proanthenols
Lupus- Proanthenols, Somazyme, Heart Formula
Lyme Disease- Proanthenols, Micro-Mins, DHEA

Memory- Brain Formula, Co-Q-10, Proanthenols
Menopause (before, during & after)- New Improved Feminine Balance,
Anti Stress Formula, DHEA, Evening Primrose Oil
Migraines- Proanthenols, CalMag Plus, Lyprinex
Mononucleosis- DNA Immune, Cats Claw, Xtra Antioxidants
Multiple Sclerosis- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Lyprinex
Muscular Dystrophy- Proanthenols, Co-Q-10, Somazyme

Obesity- Triple Protein Shake, Slenderlean, Phase Olean, EnerXan
Osteoporosis- CalMag Plus, Triple Protein Shake, DHEA

Pancreas- Anti-Stress Formula, Somazyme, Digestive Formula, Aloe Vera
Panick Attacks- CalMag Plus, Proanthenols
Parasites- ParaCleanse, Colon Formula, Somazyme, MSM
Parkinson’s- Brain Formula, Proanthenols
Periodontal- Co-Q-10, Proanthenols, MSM
Phlebitis- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Cats Claw
Pneumonia- DNA Immune, Lyprinex, Cats Claw, Colloidal Silver
Poison Ivy- Colloidal Silver, DNA Immune, MSM
Prostate- Prostate Formula, Proanthenols, Cats Claw
Psoriasis- Forever Young Tabs, Proanthenols, MSM

Rashes- Forever Young Formula, Proanthenols, MSM
Restlessness- CalMag Plus, Brain Formula, Anti-Stress Formula
Restless Leg Syndrome- CalMag Plus, Proanthenols
Rheumatism- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Lyprinex, MSM
Ringing Ears- Proanthenols, Heart Formula, Brain Formula

Seizures- CalMag Plus, OmeGold, Co-Q-10
Shingles- Somazyme, Cats Claw, Lyprinex, Forever Young Formula
Slipped Disc- Somazyme, Proanthenols, OmeGold
Smoking- Lung Formula, Xtra Antioxidants, Anti-Stress
Sore Throat- Colloidal Silver, DNA Immune, Cats Claw
Sports- DHEA, Real NRG, Proanthenols, Co-Q-10, Anti-Stress
Sprains/Strains- Somazyme, Proanthenols, Lyprinex
Stress- Anti-Stress Formula, CalMag Plus, Brain Formula, DHEA
Stroke- Heart Formula, OmeGold, Somazyme, Proanthenols
Sunburn- Colloidal Silver, Proanthenols, Forever Young Formula, MSM

Tendonitis- Somazyme, Cats Claw, Proanthenols, Forever Young Formula
Triglycerides- OmeGold, Somazyme, Colon Formula, Heart Formula

Urinary- DNA Immune, Aloe Vera, Colloidal Silver

Varicose Veins- Heart Formula, Proanthenols, Somazyme
Virus- DNA Immune, Cats Claw, MSM

Vision- Eye Formula, Proanthenols, MicroMins
Vitality- Co-Q-10, Proanthenols, DHEA,

Weight Loss – Triple Protein Shake, Slenderlean, Phase Olean, EnerXan
Wounds- Somazyme, Colloidal Silver, Cats Claw, Proanthenols

Yeast Infection- Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera, MSM



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