Recommended Vitamin List

Vitamin C 500 mg. daily
This antioxidant helps to boost our immune system and keep us healthy. If you can find it labeled Natural and/or with rose hips, it is more easily absorbed by our bodies. If you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu, increase the dose to 1000 mg. 2-3 times daily.
Bee Pollen Capsules – 2-4 capsules a day
This is what I recommend as a replacement for the B Complex vitamin.  It is nature’s source of the B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12 and folic acid.  It also comes in granule form, which can be taken instead-one tablespoon daily. This antioxidant keeps our heart and nervous systems healthy and helps neutralize the effects of stress on our bodies.
Essential Fatty Acids/Fish Oils
It is recommended that we take at least 500 mg. of EPA and 500 mg. of DHA daily to maintain healthy heart and brain function.  It also helps with any inflammation occurring in the body.
Co-Q 10 (Co-Enzyme Q 10)
This is called the powerhouse of all cells in the body.  It is especially helpful with heart, brain and nervous system function.  We need 100-180 mg. daily, taken in gel cap form.
Calcium Citrate 500-750 mg. daily and Vitamin D-3 2000 I.U. daily in summer and 4000 I.U. daily in winter
Make sure when you choose your calcium that you read the label and look for the “citrate” form of calcium as it is the best absorbed form of calcium, and it is less constipating.  Recent research shows that we should be getting our calcium from “food sources” such as spinach, kale, chard, etc.  It is essential for our bone health and also helps reduce the symptoms of PMS. Brand name: Citrical PLUS D and Magnesium: 2-3 tablets taken at bedtime.  D-3:1000 I.U. daily, as well.
Multiple vitamin and mineral daily – should include “trace minerals”.

Tips on helpful herbs/supplements for prevention:
Astragulus, Propolis, Elderberry Extract:  for immune boosting and health-promotion.  Handouts available at the front desk describing their functions.
Echinacea capsules or tincture: Take 1-2 capsules or 1-2 droppers full 3-4 times daily at the first sign of a cold/flu and for about 2 weeks after it starts. Then put it back on the shelf. This is an immune system booster and loses its effectiveness if used daily, use only when ill.
Zinc Lozenges: Suck on one every four hours when you feel like you are coming down with a cold/flu. I call this one “birth control for bugs”. It literally interferes with the reproductive cycle of the virus (bug) and so it cannot reproduce more bugs to carry the illness on and on. So it works by shortening the length of the cold/flu. Brand names are Cold-Eze and the Wal-Mart Equate brand. Use these lozenges for at least 7-10 days.
L-lysine 500 mg.:    Use this amino-acid (basic component of a protein) if you are a sufferer of cold sores on the lips. It is also used by singers to help make the voice tone more even and on-pitch. With cold sores, take 1-2 of these 3-4 times daily, and for singing take 1-2 on the day you are performing.

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