Frequently heard belief that yoga helps reduce the pain, I know. You heard me correctly Yoga helps relieve stomach pain days of the month as well, the girls would secretly wonder how abdominal pain (of the class) What has caused. Yoga relieves it to do well. Do not be stunned to large Today we have come to yoga with menstrual complaints and lost it.

Abdominal pain during menstruation is normal. But the little girl may have some pain on top of pain may be so faint that it is. And the cause of abdominal pain can come from many causes, such as hormonal imbalance. The position of the uterus that is below normal. Jakarta people and stress Or even obesity is the cause of abdominal pain as well. So we must be prepared to exercise early. During the period just gone. Continued for three weeks This abdominal pain during menstruation, it will lessen possible.
1 port bow
The girls lie down flat on the ground. Then bend your knees skyward. Ankle and hand grasp it. Anyone else having problems with breathing While lifting up the legs and chest and hold for a moment. With arms stretched to the maximum According to the straight-forward and let your mind empty. This posture helps to train the abdominal strength. And uterine contraction strength is amazing, girl, and hold this position, along with the 1-15 is enough.
2 Port Triangle
Another one that recommend it It helps reduce stress Allows more blood to the brain. It helps reduce pain. Stimulates the abdominal organs. And lengthen the back muscles and shoulders, as well as help with my leg strength. They are great posture has many benefits for girls who have very limited time here.

Standing legs were enough to shoulder level, slowly bend down slowly. Then you touch the ground Or yoga mat Legs and arms control efforts along the taut abdomen it. Hold the breath out with this position as long as it is long. The eyes look to the mother thumb toe. Or look through the leg to the other.
3 position Anthurium
This move is made ​​simple for beginners yoga helps muscles, including the upper arms, shoulders, back and abdomen. Relaxation as well It also helps relieve pain, neck pain, back pain is with me.

Start by sitting in a crawling position. The hands, knees and feet on the floor with my back. Then lift the left leg behind the right knee, left knee line. Separated from the wider And let him sit in the bottom of both feet. Followed by a sit in foot cross. Then the right foot over the left foot with the right heel near the left buttock and heel on the floor. The left foot was placed near the hip as well. And ends with a left knee on the floor. While inhaling, raise your hand, right hand to grip with the left hand. Hold this position for as long as breath. When breathing out, they change positions on opposite sides.

If it is not swift enough and can not coordinate both hands together. Recommended to remove the towel to help raise both arms instead of arms came next to me and many, he will find that it can be easily done here.


Foot patch


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